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Currently, I teach weekly pole dance, floor work, flexibility and CoreAerial at the renowned Body & Pole in New York City. View the schedule and sign up!

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Fluid Static Rotations – Pole Dance Workshop (90 min)*

Take that trick and spin it – on static! This workshop teaches the fundamentals of generating rotational movement on the static pole. Learn dynamic ascents, descents and combinations that will make your head spin, literally. Begin with the basics on how to generate rotation from the ground then take it up into the air with more complex climbs and transitions. To take this workshop you must know how to spin and climb the pole.

*Inversions are not needed to take this workshop.

Shock $ Drop – Pole Dance Workshop (90 min)*

Spice up your pole repertoire with moves that lead to gasps and spontaneous cash throwing. This workshop teaches you how to increase your shock value on the pole with increased speed, dynamic combos and breathtaking drops. Learn to develop the power to confidently control your movement at higher tempos while pushing boundaries and performing moves that leave your audience wanting more!

*Should be safely inverting.

S-Exotique – Floorwork & Heels Workshop (75 min)*

Prepare to get down and dirty with moves worthy to drop jaws and dollar bill$. This series explores various floor work styles including club, sensual and American exotic. You will learn fun isolations and accented movement (aka twerking, hair whips and heel-clacks) along with dynamic sequences showcasing a strong erotic aesthetic.

*Heels are highly encouraged.

/ Past Workshops

Body & Pole, Oct 21, 24, Nov 4 – Shock $ Drop
Pole Con, Jun 1 – Liquid Static Rotations
The Fit Factory, Feb 28 – Liquid Static Rotations
Dream Dance Fitness, Mar 11 – Liquid Static Rotations
Body & Pole, Apr 3, 10, 17 – Liquid Static Rotations